Smoke Door Sealing System

Smoke Door Sealing System

Smoke Door Sealing System



Effective combinations of smoke and acoustic seals tested on solid core doors that meet the requirements for AUS NCC specification C3.4 Deemed-to-Satisfy for smoke doors, UK Approved Document B and NZ Building Code Compliance Document C/AS1 Pt. 6.19.2 (b). These systems meet the leakage rates specified in AS 6905 when the door assembly is installed to AUS NCC specification C3.4 Deemed to-Satisfy for smoke doors. Meets leakage rates specified in BS EN 13501-2 “Sa”, “Sm” classification.

Pairs of Doors


These systems have been smoke leakage performance tested to:

AS 1530.7 s 40m/h @ 25 Pa when exposed to 200°C > 30 minutes in accordance with AS 6905.

EN 1634-3 s 3m/h/m @ 25 Pa for ambient and s 30m/h 50 Pa for

medium temperature in accordance with BS EN 13501-2.


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