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What is a fire-rated door?
A fire-rated door — or fire-resistant door — is specially constructed to slow or prevent the spread of fire.

Why do we need fire rate door?
Fire-rated doors may also help to protect our life, property and personal assets,  while firefighters work to extinguish the fire.

Where can we find a reliable source?
SDL@Reddot, supply and install fire rated door, for commercial, residential and various type of project. We have the latest test report,  that comply to local standard.

When do we obtain the certificate for the fire rated door? Before install or after installation?
Owner will be given a certificate as proof of the fire rated door after installed with the fire rated door.

How do we know we are provided with fire rated door.
After installation, owner will be given a fire certificate and sticker to stick on the door frame and door, as proof of certified fire rated door.

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