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Smart Digital Locks for HDB Gate and Doors

Digital door locks stand as trustworthy and highly reliable security measures for homes and offices. As authorised dealers of digital locks, we’re committed to providing authentic smart locks tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our online store offers a diverse range of digital door locks designed for local doors and gates. We value our product quality and provide only quality digital locks for HDB gates.

For those seeking to enhance the security of their digital HDB gates, we specialise in digital locks designed specifically for your HDB gates. These locks offer various security features and are also customised to suit the requirements of each household.

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Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock
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Hafele PP9000 Digital Door Lock

Types Of Digital Locks We Provide

Our store includes various types of digital door and gate lock in Singapore, ensuring you find the one that best fits your needs:

  • Password-based Digital Locks: These locks open with a passcode that you set, providing access only to you and trusted individuals.
  • Fingerprint Digital Locks: Utilising your fingerprint as a key, these locks grant access based on biometric recognition.
  • Card-based Digital Locks: Using a special card, a simple touch or swipe grants access, offering ease and convenience.
  • Bluetooth Digital Locks: These locks connect to your phone via Bluetooth, automatically opening the door when it is within the proximity of the lock.
  • Keypad Digital Locks: Similar to password locks, these locks involve pressing numbered buttons in a sequence to enter your code.


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Features of Digital Locks

Our smart locks in Singapore come with multiple features to enhance your security and convenience:

Keyless Entry

No need to worry about traditional keys; open the lock using a code or digital card.

Multiple Access Options

Choose from password entry, fingerprint scanning, card access, or keypad entry.

Tamper Alerts

Receive notifications if someone tries to tamper with or force open the lock.

Customisable Codes

Set personalised access codes for different people, making it easy to manage who can enter.

Audit Trail

Keep track of who entered and at what time, enhancing security and accountability.

Benefits of Using Digital Locks

Enhanced Security

These locks provide enhanced security features, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.


With digital locks, you don’t need to worry about carrying keys. Codes or cards are much more convenient to use.

Flexible Access

Easily manage and share access codes, granting temporary or permanent access as needed.


Digital locks are user-friendly and often come with simple interfaces. This makes them easy to use for people of all ages.

Emergency Access

In case of an emergency, like a power outage, digital locks usually have backup options, ensuring you can still get in or out when needed.

Let customers speak for us

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Professional staff from the showroom at Tradehub and the on site installation team for our gate, door and digital locks at our new house. Easy and responsive communication through the group whatsapp. Excellent worksmanship and clear explanation by the on site installation team. Recommended!
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 31 at 11.16.59

Fahmi J

Responsive service by sales person, good quality doors (can see its solid door)and plenty of laminate choices. The installation process was on time and installation guy was very professional too - my door frame is not straight so he took quite a long time to adjust and make sure its not shaky.​
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 31 at 11.02.13 1

Xu Vivian

Great work from them for replacing and install my HDB main gate with digital locks. Special thanks to salesperson Kar Chun for the recommendation of the gate and lock set. Appreciation to the installer for the great job. Well done and thank you.​
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 31 at 11.16.58

Mohd Neezam

Variety of doors and gates to choose from. Many brands and models available as well. Sales person, Letie was very patient with my mother who asked many questions. She provided suggestions and solutions to each issue that we faced. Letie is very knowledgeable and professional in this field. Product installed is of good quality. Letie gave us discounts and freebies. Value for money!! Installation was smooth and SDL did a great job at keeping me updated. We ended up picking the door and gate demo set which they had displayed in their shop. Very happy with my new door and gate!!! Matches my house colour and theme!!! Thank you SDL!!! 🙂
WhatsApp Image 2023 04 08 at 15.39.33

Lynette Leong

Both are them performed professionalism and were knowledgeable, not only that friendly too. We put our trust to SDL and replaced our main door, gate, both digital locks for the both door. We chose Model : Hafele PP8100 for our main door & Hafele GL5600 for our gate. Everything was done swiftly and no hiccups at all. Debris were cleaned up by Vijay after installation too but we did another round of cleaning after that. We didn't come across any difficulties when we have some questions with the after-sales as was afraid they ignored us but all was good. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is keen to replace their doors and gate, thou prices were competitive but I feel I’m paying for their service & design hence no regrets for us. Thank you SDL and team.​
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 31 at 11.02.13

Ann Ho

Recently did refurbishing of my place and was initially worried if new locks, doors and gates will match my existing decor and new furniture at the same time. Was pleased with the wide range of designs and how eventually all fit and complement one another perfectly. Happy with workmanship of customised door and rest of gate and doors too. Installer for digital lock though very young was competent and professional. Job was done well and fast! Thumbs up!​
WhatsApp Image 2023 03 31 at 11.02.14 2

Yinhorng Ker

Singapore has many digital locks company. But after checking all the companies in my opinion Smart Digital Lock is the best. Not only they have many good models to suit your needs. Their prices are reasonable too. Most importantly is their after sales services. No matter how long u bought your stuffs they are still willing to settle for u asap. Strongly recommended. 5 stars!!!
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