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We provide both main door and gate solutions with a wide selection of BTO main doors and gates to choose from! We are able to customize our products according to your taste and preferences.

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Main Door

Complete your home with our comprehensive range of main door designs for your property. We can meet all your needs with our wide variety of designs, colors, materials and sizes to suit every aspect of your home. Fire rated doors are available too.

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Bedroom Door

Create the perfect bedroom doors for your homes in Singapore. You will be able to customise and choose from our various designs, materials, and colors to create your doors.

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Bathroom Door

With more than 500 different designs to choose from, our toilet doors come with the option to slide, fold or swing - You can accurately open your toilet doors in every way you can possibly dream of!

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Sliding Door

Been whipping up a storm in the kitchen and realize that the rest of your home has been feeling oily and sticky? Install a sliding door for your kitchen to prevent the rest of your home from getting oily while you cook!

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Custom Door

Build your dream home by customizing your own unique doors and gates!

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