Samsung SHS 2320

Samsung SHS-2320

Samsung SHS-2320



  • Available Colors: Black
  • Max User Memory: 1 User (PIN) 20 Cards
  • Out-body Dimension: 65.2(W) X 170.5(H) X 22.5(D)mm
  • In-body Dimension: 182(W) X 90(H) X 40.7(D)mm
  • Applicable Door Thickness: 35 – 50mm
  • Door to Gate Allowance: 180mm
  • Power: DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 4
  • Battery Life: Approximately 10 months (Average 10 times per day)



3 Different Authentications to Unlock

  • RFID Card
  • Number Pad
  • RFID Tag


  1. Push-Pull Door Handle (Easy Way to Open Door)
  2. Infrared Security Sensor (Infrared sensors detects and prevents unauthorized or forced entries)
  3. Double Authentication Mode (Both password and fingerprint are required to unlock the door)
  4. Auto Locking (Save yourself the hassle and worry about leaving the door unlocked)
  5. User-Friendly Interface (Visual indicators for easy reference)
  6. Random Security Code (By throwing off on-lookers and spreading your fingerprint marks, this feature makes your doorlock that much more secured)
  7. One-Touch Anti-Theft Set-Up (Set up the intruder prevention feature with a single touch to burglar-proof your home when your family is away)


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Samsung SHS 2320Samsung SHS-2320